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What Our Patients Say

Dr. John V. Is a Miracle Man! When I first walked in his office I was skeptical and thought my body aches and pains were a thing of aging and nothing could be done. Dr.John proved that to be wrong. I was getting back pain jolts, upper body aches on a daily basis and figured “I’m getting old” just live with it. Dr. John convinced me to not “just live with it” not how life should be lived. He did an evaluation of my body and showed me how out of line my body was, then we did the scale test and I was 32 pounds heavier on one side of my body which was contributing to my back aches. I decided to do a 16 adjustment program session and was the best decision (investment) I could of made! I forget about the painful back jolts because they rarely occur, my posture and the way I feel over all after the adjustments are incredible. I totally recommend his office and emphasize to everyone don’t just “live with it” make the investment in yourself. There is only “one” of you.

Chef Danny



Dr. John has made my healing process so much faster and more bearable. I hurt my knee in a bad fall and after a couple of weeks, I finally hobbled into Dr. John's office and ever since I started going in regularly, I can enjoy walks again, have way less pain, and my whole body feels better in general (my injury affected everything!). I couldn't be happier with the progress I've made. I was able to return to work and have been rebuilding my active lifestyle while following his advice so that I don't over push during the healing process. He's the best. You'll be glad you started your journey with him. Helen

My first time ever seeing a chiropractor and I couldn't be happier! I hit a tree sledding at 9 years old, spine first. EMT's said I was paralyzed based on my lack of movement. Got to the hospital and doctor's couldn't believe that I walked away from it, however it wasn't unscathed. I have had back issues that I have ignored my entire life. I'm now 35 years old, recently diagnosed with MS and have been seeing Dr. John for 2 weeks and I feel the best I have in a VERY long time! Dr. John is very informative of every adjustment he does, and I look forward to every appointment with him! I will recommend him to everyone who asks! He is absolutely amazing, and everyone in the office is extremely friendly and welcoming! Amanda

Amazing! Amazing is how I feel and amazing are my results. During my first consultation, I was told so much information - it was like I finally told about the missing puzzle pieces to make my body happy and healthy. I had done years of research on my own before seeking Jeanne's help. With continued support I have had a complete health transformation and I couldn't have done it with out Jeanne's expertise. She is truly gifted in what she does. 


Dr. Jeanne is amazing! She has been seeing my son(about 7 months ) and myself ( over a year) and not only has our physical health improved our anxiety, depression has dramatically decreased! Reflux, Crohn’s disease, IBS symptoms have stopped. My son has lost 24 pounds while be guided by Dr. Jeanne and is benefiting daily by eating clean, avoiding foods we now know have caused him health issues, taking supplements he needs. We are all individuals, and all have unique needs to achieve and maintain good health. If you want individualized health care, by a doctor who listens and gets to the root cause of your issues, this is the place to go.            Dina S

I highly recommend Dr. Jeanne Barry. I give her a 5 star review.  She is very thorough and does a comprehensive analysis to get to the root cause of your issues.  She is kind, warm and understanding.  She takes the time to listen and then examines you.  Dr. Jeanne goes beyond the call of duty.  She is a healer!  She healed her son from issues.  She is dedicated to the services she provides. In summary, she utilizes her ability to diagnose and start the healing process. In fact, a close friend and her family also go to see Dr. Jeanne.

Kathy M

I walked into Dr. Jeanne's office feeling like and old 40 something, with aches and pains and other weird aliments. 6 weeks later I feel alive again, I have a pep back in my step and I am off medications and feel healthy. Sometimes I wonder how she knows what she knows but, who cares because she is amazing!!!

Jenifer G

I came to Dr. John without having any prior chiropractic experience, and he gave me an excellent introduction that showed me many tight areas of my body that could be causing problems that I was unaware of.  He has an easy style with patients and spends time educating on the process.  He has an integrative approach looking at the entire body, spine, joints, as well as the food you put into your body that might be causing you problems.  He helped me to understand that many maladies could be caused by pinched nerves.  If you're looking for a knowledgeable chiropractor who can integrate nutrition and overall wellness into their approach, especially if you have any hard-to-diagnose chronic conditions, I would highly recommend checking out this practice.


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